ABS Litigio Estratégico S.A.S. is a law firm based in Colombia following the distinctive vision of its founders - protect our clients from future liabilities and to offer an extraordinary legal defense through original y groundbreaking solutions.


ABS  Litigio Estratégico S.A.S. cuenta con un completo portafolio para brindar una asesoría integral a cualquier empresa, o persona natural

  • Corporate
  • Advice on labor law
  • Labor Law and Employment Issues
  • Commercial Law and Finance
  • Intellectual property
  • Recovery of NPL (Non-performing loans) and Financial Obligations
  • Corporate Criminal Law
  • Government Contracting
  • Litigation
  • Administrative Law & Contentious-administrative law
  • Labor Law & social security
  • Civil & Commercial Law
  • Family Law
  • Asset Forfeiture
  • Litigation
  • Asesoría especializada para servidores públicos

Founding Partner Profiles

Oscar Andres Alfonso Hernández:

Lawyer with specialized experience in the area of ​​administrative law and administrative litigation, specifically in advising public entities in relation to state contracting processes and judicial defense. In his professional practice, he has excelled in representation and defense in different criminal and disciplinary processes.  Ver más

Julián Mateo Burgos Cubillos:

Conciliatory lawyer in law, with specialized experience in consumer law, environmental law, specifically in advising natural and legal persons. In his professional practice he has excelled in judicial and extrajudicial representation in the areas of administrative, civil and family law. Ver más

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