Clients Abroad

ABS Litigio Estratégico offer its clients abroad specialized legal services and counsel. Among the services for our clients abroad, we offer: contract drafting and translation, contractual dispute resolution and real property administration.

ABS Litigio Estratégico S.A.S is supported by firms legally established in the United States and attorneys authorized to practice law in Florida and New York, who will be responsible for representing and advising our clients in that country. ABS is not authorized to practice the professional directly in this state, so it will coordinate logistics and contact, supporting those issues that must be carried out within the Colombian state. The rates and conditions of representation in the United States will be agreed directly with the associated firm.

To meet the demand for services from our clients, we offer advice and representation on issues such as:

Abogados en el exterior
  • Property management
  • Preparation of all types of contracts, such as sale, purchase, exchange and leasing.
  • Contractual controversies with construction companies, tenants and territorial entities.
  • Contractual and non-contractual civil liability processes.
  • Successions before judge and notary.
Abogados en el exterior
  • Voluntary Jurisdiction processes, such as the voluntary emancipation license, adoption, declaration of absence or presumed death and correction of marital status.
  • Preparation and collection of securities.
  • Study of titles.
  • Lawsuits for maintenance, marriages, divorces, separation of bodies, liquidation of marital partnership and cessation of civil effects of Catholic marriage.
Similarly, ABS Strategic Litigation makes available to our clients abroad the solutions  y and special services offered to natural and legal persons.