About us

ABS Litigio Estratégico S.A.S. is a law firm whose main philosophy is to protect our clients from future litigation and, if they reach them, provide an effective defense through the structuring of various legal strategies. Our work focuses on preventive law, understood as the application of the set of tools to minimize the risk of actions or omissions that may have effects in the legal world.

Abogados especializados

Mission Statement

Offer our clients efficient legal solutions providing advice and counsel to protect their interest and help them achieve their goals.

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By 2024 ABS Litigio Estratégico S.A.S. will be regarded as one of the leading law firms recognised for its ability to handle a full range of legal issues with expertise across practice areas.


ABS Litigio Estratégico S.A.S’s structure and approach attracts talented and entrepreneurial lawyers, who enable us to achieve excellent results for our clients in complex and critical matters. we maintain a ratio of associates to partners significan below that of other firms that allow us to work together on a task-force basis on all of our matters, bringing to bear the requisite mix of people and expertise across practices and disciplines.

Conoce los perfiles de nuestros Socios Fundadores:

Oscar Andrés Alfonso Hernández:

Lawyer with specialized experience in the area of ​​administrative law and administrative litigation, specifically in advising public entities in relation to state contracting processes and judicial defense. In his professional practice, he has excelled in representation and defense in different criminal and disciplinary processes. 

Experience in procedures related to the Land Restitution Unit –URT and the Victims Unit.

Within the academic field, he has worked as a university professor and professor at the National Police Schools Directorate -DINAE in the areas of Criminal Law, International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights.

Lawyer specialized in administrative law, Candidate to Magister in Criminal Law. Bachelor´s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Florida Atlantic University. Experience in litigation and Conflict Resolution.

Julián Mateo Burgos Cubillos:

Conciliatory lawyer in law, with specialized experience in consumer law, environmental law, specifically in advising natural and legal persons. In his professional practice he has excelled in judicial and extrajudicial representation in the areas of administrative, civil and family law.

Experience in administrative and environmental law procedures

Law Professor in the areas of Civil Procedure, Family Law and Constitutional Law.

His academic achievements are the title of Lawyer granted by the Universidad Libre Seccional Bogotá, Specialist in Procedural Law, Master in Administrative Law.